Samantha Blatnicky Makeup + Lash Artist Portfolio

A professional makeup application should be a seamless transition where the beholder wouldn’t be able to identify where the skin finished and makeup began; this “anti-cake face” approach is ideal for brides as they need to look amazing not only from afar but from up close.

High definition photography and videography makes it even more important to ensure a natural and flawless finish – and my attention to detail and meticulous application has been noted by my clients as well as those behind the camera lens.

Wedding & Bridal
Makeup Gallery

No matter how natural or glamorous you want your makeup to be on your wedding day, you definitely have many choices! Get inspiration from my gallery.

Boudoir Makeup Gallery

Typically makeup applied for Boudoir is more contrasting, and more prominent with focus to eyes, false lashes and possible contouring foundation techniques. 

Event Makeup Gallery

Makeup photos from Birthdays, Holidays, Parties, Galas, Sports Competitions, Dance competitions, Halloween, Celebrations, Graduations, Festivals, Proms, Glamour, Fitness, Maternity, Engagement, Family, Corporate, Head shots, Portraits and more.

Lash Lift & Tint Gallery

An Elleebana Lash Lift is a low maintenance service that is basically a perm for your natural lashes. You can expect your lashes to remain curled for approximately 6-12 weeks.