How far in advance should I book my makeup for my wedding?

My calendar can book up quickly. I would suggest you book your makeup around a year in advance if possible. Especially if you're getting married in the summer, during the peak wedding season (April to October).  If your wedding will be taking place in the Winter,  you do have some more flexibility , but winter weddings are becoming pretty popular - so booking as early as you can is always suggested. Sometimes last minute bookings can be accommodated, depending on the group size and scheduling. Please contact me to confirm my availability.

Do I have to get a bridal trial?

A trial is recommended but it really is up to you and not mandatory.  Note, If you decided to not have a trial please understand that everything might not be exactly as you envisioned.  A trial gives us the opportunity to meet, get to know each other and ensure we're on the same page for that perfect look you're going for.

Not only does a trial give you the chance to try out your potential wedding look, it gives you the chance to see how it holds up for an entire day or if there are any adjustments in style or colours that need to be made. It is important not only for you, but also for me - as it allows me to see your facial features in person to assess and determine what makeup solutions are best. Wedding days can be very stressful, but having your makeup look already finalized prior to the big day can really help. 

Lastly, it gives us the chance to know each other better - and make sure our styles, ideas and personalities mesh.  I am likely the first vendor you're going to interact with on your wedding day. The last thing you want is to hire someone that's going to stress you out or that you don't have confidence in. 

Where will my bridal trial take place?

Most trials, unless previously agree upon, take place my studio in London, Ontario. All wedding day bookings are done on location - whether it be a hotel, home or some other pre-arranged location.  

Why does the bridal trial cost so much?

In many respects a trial is just as much, if not more more work for me than the actual wedding day. The makeup trial is a time designated for me to experiment with different makeup looks.  Makeup trials are booked in 2 hour blocks.

Can I book a bridal trial on a Saturday?

Unfortunately, I do not book Bridal Trials on Saturdays (during wedding season). Occasionally I may have availability during the off-season (November - March) for a Saturday trial. But Saturday appointments must be booked well in advance.

How far in advance should I book my bridal trial?

This really depends if you feel comfortable signing a wedding day contract, including a deposit, before or after the trial. A wedding booking is not secure until a signed contract and retainer have been received.  If you want to do a trial before you make a final wedding day booking, then it is best to schedule a trial as soon as possible, to make sure that your wedding date doesn't get booked. If you want to put the wedding day deposit down first, but wait for a later date for the trial, it is recommended that the trial be scheduled between one and three months before the wedding.

Are trials necessary for bridesmaids or mothers as well?

It's definitely not unheard of - but not exactly necessary. I've had many mothers and bridesmaids wanting see for themselves how they will look for the day of the special event. 

Is there a minimum number of people required to secure a booking?

During the busy wedding season - April to Oct, there is a 4 person booking required for Saturdays. However, depending on my schedule, I do make exceptions (be sure to reach out to me and check). Other days of the week are also subject to availability.  Just ask me. 

Are there any travel fees?

I do not have any travel fees in London or St. Thomas Ontario. My travel cost is calculated at a rate of $0.50 per km of travel for areas outside of London/St.Thomas. All fees such as parking will need to be paid by client.

Do you do Sunday Weddings? Early Mornings?

Yes, I book Sunday weddings and there are no additional fees for start times from 7am on.  If you require my service before 7:00 a.m., please be aware that an additional charge that will be added.

Do you use any natural or vegan makeup?

Yes, my kit consists of both tradition and all-natural and vegan makeup. 

What forms of payment are accepted?

For the retainer and/or trial fees, cash or Interac e-transfer are the preferred methods. 

How much is the deposit fee?

The retainer is negotiated as a per client basis. The remainder is to be paid prior or on the day off.  

Am I supposed to tip on the wedding day?

My prices do not include tips or gratuity. A tip is not necessary, but would be greatly appreciated - if you're over the moon happy!

What do my bridal party and I need to do to be prepare for the wedding day?

The most important thing is to be ready at the scheduled time we have agreed upon. Also, have a clean, exfoliated and moisturized face. 

Do I need anything for you up at the house/hotel the day of the wedding?

I will setup up somewhere near natural light (kitchens or dining rooms are often good).  A higher style chair or bar stool is nice if available, but not absolutely necessary. 

How long does each person's makeup take?

This depends on the person and style selections, but a good rule of thumb is 45 to 60 minutes for makeup application. Of course, there are exceptions to this with some people taking less time and some people taking more.

Can you handle large bookings or groups? Do you bring additional makeup artists?

Usually for more than 6 people I will bring an extra makeup artist with me. There are no extra fees for this. If you require all makeup to be completed in a condensed time frame or would prefer to start later in the morning, additional associate(s) may be required to meet the accelerated scheduling needs, thus additional fee(s) may be added.  

Do you have experience with ethnic weddings?

Yes, I have worked with many different ethnicity's and I 'm well aware of some of the special requirements for these. I will work with you and come up with a custom package that suits your specific makeup needs, like having more than one ceremony where my services would be required

Please let me know if you have any other questions!